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Service Options & Pricing


Working with an agency

Engaging Bark Productions as your agency is one way to make significant progress and stick to your plans long-term without having to hire, train, and manage an entire internal team to do all the strategy, copywriting, design, produce artwork, website designs then the development, advertising, analytics, and technical implementation that you’ll need.

We offer service three packages developed around the HubSpot Marketing & Sales Hubs, our retainer options are designed to match your HubSpot subscription, the tools available within the platform and the level of effort and budget that our clients are comfortable with. Most clients commence with Marketing Starter but soon upgrade to the Professional plan as they get familiar with Hubspot, our services and start to see results. 

Retainer Plans

Marketing Starter

Ongoing services for clients using HubSpot Marketing Starter plan.
  • Hubspot Set-up
  • Digital graphic design
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Social media posts (vis SEM Rush)
  • Develop Landing pages
  • Create CTA's
  • Live Chat/Chat Bot
  • Set up Workflows
  • SMS config and automation (Message Media Add-on)
  • All website content updates
  • Website technical management and hosting

Marketing & Sales Professional

Ongoing services for clients using HubSpot Marketing Hub - Professional Plan
  • Everything in the Starter plan +
  • INSIGHT to HubSpot integration
  • Map INSIGHT data, create custom properties in HubSpot
  • Manage INSIGHT event updates
  • Create Workflows and Automation tasks
  • 1 full product campaign p/month
  • Advanced social media management and reporting (using HS Social tools)
  • Google Ad management
  • LinkedIn and Facebook Ad campaigns
  • Workflows & Sequence Automation
  • Video production for social media & web
  • Deal pipelines config (Sales Hub)
  • Email Sequences (Sales Hub)

Full Service

HubSpot Marketing Professional and Sales Hub subscription required.
  • Everything on the Starter and Pro plans ++
  • Website development
  • All graphic design services - Analogue and Digital
  • Social Media Management
  • Strategy
  • Logo & Brand development
  • Multiple Campaigns per month
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Project Based Only?

Interested in just project-based work at the moment?

HubSpot Set up

For brand new HubSpot customers on the HS Starter Suite bundle
  • Data migration, import your contacts to the CRM
  • Design & build email (EDM) template
  • Design & build your Landing Page template
  • Config & set up the HubSpot blog and import your existing articles.
  • Integrate your website and HS portal for tracking.
  • Set up live chat and chatbots
  • Set up staff user profiles
  • General onboarding and assistance
  • DNS Edits

Standard Website

Built with WordPress or Hubspot CMS Starter
  • Responsive Website to work on all screen sizes
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Up to 15 pages
  • Blog for articles
  • Compliance guarantee
  • Includes all design assets
  • Licensed Images included
  • Contact Form
  • Submitted to Google
  • 30 Days post-launch content updates

Pro to Enterprise Website

Built with WordPress or Hubspot CMS Pro
  • Everything in the lite version ++
  • No limit on pages
  • Landing page development
  • a Strategy and Wireframe Session
  • Content Development
  • More Complex Design and Artwork
  • Enhanced Animations
  • Online Quote forms with data capture
  • SMS chat with Message Media
$12,500 -$20k

Support plan

Essential for every WordPress website
per month
  • Website Hosting
  • SSL Certificate
  • WordPress Core Updates
  • Theme & Plugin updates
  • Hack & Malware Monitoring
  • Backups - 7 days
  • 24/7 Server support
  • Australian Servers
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • *GST Invoiced monthly


Frequently asked questions about retainers, timeframes, project work and more.

What is a retainer?

A fixed monthly fee for our services. Your package determines the work we have agreed to deliver each month and the cost is fixed. Retainer packages are for a 12 month period, then month to month.  

Do I need HubSpot?

All retainers require you to have a HubSpot subscription. Your HubSpot fees are paid directly to HubSpot and it's your direct account. 

Here's the Hubspot pricing page

Any HubSpot onboarding fees charged by HubSpot are waived if you are a Bark client. 


Are retainers suitable for everyone?

Not every company will get the best out of the retainer model or HubSpot. We generally work best with insurance businesses that  

  • Have GWP $10 Million+
  • Have a dedicated marketing person in-house
  • If you have niche market products or an industry/association focus it's a plus.
  • You have time to engage with us, the ability to review material, approve and be part of the process. 
If you're not quite ready for this level of commitment we do offer project-based work for website development, general graphic design etc. 

What's involved in a Campaign?

A campaign typically includes the building of a landing page in your HubSpot account, this could be a product page, Cyber Insurance for example. 

Then we build an email campaign, several social media posts, we'll build CTA's in HubSpot and embed these in the EDM and social posts, landing page etc. 

We'll add all assets to the HubSpot campaign tool for tracking. 

Test, test, test and Launch! Then tracking and reporting. 

Can I customise my own retainer package

Yes, the Full-Service option is fully customised to fit your business needs. And we're flexible on the Pro package too. 

What happens in the first 90 days?

Once we have a deal and an agreed start date, we'll get started setting up your Hubspot portal and any web development needed. In the first 90 days we'll see some quick wins including

  • Connect with our consultants to make an immediate plan
  • Hubspot portal set up
  • Build or update marketing infrastructure to prepare for lead generation
  • Website and landing page development
  • Review your organic search position
  • Competitor analysis
  • Review advertising campaigns (PPC, Social, Search)
  • Social media analysis and overhaul